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Big Announcement!
The Robinson Sawmill recently received an anonymous donation of $30,000. The gift comes with no strings and no information about who it is from or what it can be used for.

“We’re a little stunned by this generous gift,” said Board President Larry Gilbert. “It is a very large gift and we'd love to be able to profusely thank and recognize the donor, but we respect their wish to remain private.”


The Board has many projects on the calendar for the coming year including getting the mill machinery working, clearing the intake to the penstock to determine what repairs are needed, installing supplemental power, and eventually dredging the pond.


“This gift will make it possible to embark on some of these projects this year,” Gilbert said. “We still are in the midst of a long capital campaign so fundraising is always a concern, but we now can tackle what is immediately in front of us.”

Welcome to the Robinson Sawmill

Come visit one of the few remaining water-powered sawmills in New England. Check out the amazing work folks have been doing to restore this unique structure. Get involved by becoming a member.

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