The Robinson Sawmill's mission is to preserve the historic mill, located near Kent’s Corner, Calais, Vermont.  The mill will be kept in operating condition, as an example of rural Vermont industry of the past, and as a focal point for related exhibits, publications, and programs. 

Board of Directors

Larry Gilbert, President, larry@zoombikes.net

Iain Portaluppi, Vice President, thefourps@myfairpoint.net

Reed Cherington, Treasurer, rcher@sover.net


Toby Talbot, Secretary, toby_talbot@comcast.net


Bill Davis, Trustee, wkld@comcast.net


David Newhall, President Emeritus


Stanley Fitch, Trustee Emeritus, elaineandstan@comcast.net.

Gail Graham, Trustee Emeritus,  gailgra@msn.com

Elliott Morse, Trustee Emeritus, ellflomorse@gmail.com






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