How You Can Help...



Restoring the Robinson Sawmill is going to take a lot of money. We are about to launch a Capital Campaign to raise $220,000 to get the mill working again. The work will involve dredging the pond, repairing the dam, replacing the penstock, installing drainage around the mill, resetting the mill so it is flat and plumb, and creating improvements on the site that will allow visitors to safely enjoy the mill for years to come.

We will be receiving some grant funding to do this work, but the bulk of the money will have to come from the generous donations of people like you.  You can make a donation by clicking on the Donate Button below. This secure service will allow you to quickly and easily donate exactly the amount right for you.






Additionally, we are happy to receive donations the old-fashioned way: you can hand us a check directly or mail it to us at this address: PO Box 94, Calais, VT 05648.

Make your check out to The Robinson Sawmill.

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